1 November 2013 / Featured Events

Mini Nats Prep


Your first glimpse of a cool new track is always exciting, even if you won’t be able to ride it and you are staying awake to avoid jet lag.
IMG_1836But it was in danger of being too slippery as our Mini Nationals training day at the King Of The North track got a little wet, the last thing we needed after cutting my trip to Sweden short in order to make the day.

Having been hammered for nearly a week straight by other trainers, the ground was packed down hard which turned to ice after few light showers. So, with the help of our Tauranga After Schools trainer Scott Barr-Smith we used the opportunity to show our riders where the traction was.

IMG_1858The soil on either side of the main line was just like the track will start out on nationals day, complete with moisture. After a few laps of following me around my half of the group had a good idea on where to go, we just needed to make sure their throttle and brake use matched the traction they had.

In the mean time Scotty got the younger ones up and over a section that included another of the very cool tabletops this track has to offer. His style is to rarely stop the group in order to help them work it out themselves while still stopping them individually whenever needed. He does a great job and we really needed his help with a group this size.

IMG_1844Fittingly, the coolest section of this track is right in the center at the highest point of the rise. With three large berms and obstacles in between it is dubbed the Supercross section and is a huge favorite with the riders. Our goal was to get them leaning early and hard into each bank until they were carrying serious speed, safely.

Following plenty of food and drink we nailed the faster sections and a load of starts using the rider numbers to help get them comfortable in close contact. With a longer camp I would have liked to do a bunch of drills to help things like passing practice but had to settle with some timed laps to get them in sprint mode for qualifying before finishing with a load of giveaways.

The North Harbor club deserves our thanks for helping this come together, as do the farm owners especially Michelle who took on the registrations for us. All the best to all riders!IMG_1859

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