1 February 2012 / Broxy Camps

Mix n Match

The sports of Motocross and Freestyle have always been intertwined, never more so than at our week of Tokoroa Broxy Camps. Groomed and naturally watered, the MX track started and ended in pristine condition that screamed for hours of riding pleasure. It wasn’t always like that as heavy showers took their toll but even the down pouring torrents of water were not enough to stop the really keen cats.

How We Do

Heads Up

Our compulsory trip to the foam pit was a mild precursor to the next two days of freestyle camp which also saw us back at the Tokoroa MX track to brush up on jumping skills. It a bit of a Godsend for the FMX Camp riders as most of them chose to hit the track and hone their basic jumping skills under the coaching of Broxy before hitting the ramps where Nick Franklin could work his magic.

Despite the fact the riders originated from Northland, Southland and everywhere in between– each person had the same intention; make the most of this epic facility. With almost all riders clearing the big hill jump at least once during their stay and over half of the riders completing backflips into the pit there was no doubt as to mission accomplished. But do you think that was enough? No way!

Two days later was Nicks Foam Pit Jam, an invite only event designed to help get some of the top motocrossers doing the same thing. Some big names arrived and wasted no time in smashing out massive whips on the ramps. Despite plenty of dead sailors into the foam it took more time to convince them to complete their first flips but eventually Kieran Leigh had a massive attempt and off road talent Sam Greenslade gave it a solid effort aboard his Husky. Probably the rider who got the most pumped was Ben Townley who followed up some epic whips with what he called his first ever trick– a very impressive nacnac following some good advice from Nick.

These camps have been proving to be serious winners for aspiring jumpers and freestylers alike, with many more sure to come.

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