1 October 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Mixing it up in TGA

Deep in Conversation

With our new arrival came the need to stay close to home but as we discovered there is more than just my track on offer in the city of Tauranga.  From local mini riders Luke and Alex to working ladies like April, all the way up to the Kurt Langfords of the MX scene, we took all sorts and moulded them to fit.

Mixing it up we used a maize paddock one day and another private track the next. Heading over towards Katikati we were able to spend time on the private track with those beautiful rollers on the video seen on our website.

Dylan loving his new 150R

As a riding holiday we had northland rider Nigel Caughey join us for the week where we rode Maddix Park, Rotorua and even the new TECT Park complex the local council is working on which proved much more fun than expected. Having ridden the Two Man GNCC the weekend before and racing again as soon as he got back up north, his bike saw some serious hours- talk about keeping fresh!

Not least of all our track saw an overdue reinstatement thanks to a digger and truck combo that should get the paddock closer to natural again. Being the first time since our first daughter was born that I didn’t have to travel more than a few hours in any direction for a whole month, it was a time to remember.

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