3 May 2011 / Broxy Camps


Moto Camp TOKOROAHows this for a recipe. The Tokoroa MX Club puts countless hours into making an excellent track for the NZ Junior Nationals. While the roost was still fresh they groomed the track even before prize giving had the chance to get under way. A day or two of rain helped settle the loose dirt then add the keen bunch of Broxy Camp riders come Wednesday. Any one who held back due to a dodgy looking forecast missed out big time on this one.

While Hawkes Bay copped the worst of conditions it was the unlikely town of Tokoroa that performed perfectly as a safe haven for young Saxon. While his home was practically under water he was able to enjoy his motocross.

This was possibly Alan Romanick’s final camp with us before he moves back to the States so we were glad he could enjoy the best of it. He had a ball on Broxy’s 150 R, something he might well have to pick up when he gets home seeing as he rode it so well. 

The foam pit was used more than any camp before with a safe run in being hit by all the kids save one. There was bribery involved of course…

The night of dinner, spotlight then MX videos finished a bit on the late side (thanks to me) so we enjoyed as much sleep in as possible before the first inevitable cell phone call- thanks Keith!

The call for Bacon and Eggs was disregarded at first but made up for with bacon sandwiches for lunch. No shortage of food as usual, only lacking in the womens touch with Sarah opting to stay home. Unfortunately things were going too well for two riders that possibly should have known better who both had their flying skills brought down to the ground in a big heap with an ankle and a collar bone so we wish them a speedy recovery to their former glory.

With Keith on the tractor, fire and bbq we had a great camp while Broxy tried to fulfill coaching duties for those opting to pay a bit extra. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did, next time will most likely be at a new venue just for a change so put in your votes for the location people!

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