4 November 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Mums Perspective

I cannot express just how brilliant Broxy Camp is. If you are thinking of going to one, or asking Broxy to set one up in your area go for it. Riders of all abilities will get something out of it.

logan-taylorWe have been lucky enough to have 5 Broxy Camps here in Wairoa over the past 2 years. The format of having 2 days to work on & hone just a few key skills at a time really does work. Add to the mix some really cool kids who want nothing more than to ride, a ball & a game of spotlight………………a recipe for happy kids who come home tired!

Our latest camp was held in the last week of the School Holidays. Broxy had his work cut out with a group of 13 kids ranging from relatively new 50cc riders through to more experienced 250cc MX & Cross Country Riders. Starting with basic riding position and moving on to riding the berms & off camber corners. 5 or 6 hours solid riding over the 2 days, saw noticeable improvements from everyone. Luke & Jaxon definitely had some speed by the end of the camp & were getting some great air over the jumps. Riley mastered cornering and knocked a good 4 seconds off his lap times. Sophie was looking much more comfortable on her new Honda CRF150R.

riley-stanaway-2The timing was great for a couple of riders who were headed off to HPC Nailing The Peat Schools MX the following week. “Sitting forward, using the front brake & carrying speed into the corners, like Broxy taught us, made a big difference”said Riley, who came 4th in the beginners 85/150cc Class. Likewise Logan, who came 2nd in the Aspiring 85/150cc Class said “taking the outside lines as the berms formed up and leaning over more like we did at Broxy Camp” was a big part of his strategy for the day.


Thanks Melissa for your valuable feedback! We are already looking forward to the next one!

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