2 March 2013 / Broxy Coaching

MX After School Gets Started

Trialled in December, organized in January and started with the new school year- our after schools coaching are officially going viral.

Jacob Kneebone training up  the talent

Jacob Kneebone training up the talent

Matamata kicked things off first, and we were spoilt. The club went so far as to hire a water tanker for our first visit which, along with some ripping done by the father of Woodville winner Brodie Connolly, made for an awesome way to start.

Most of the riders had gone through the first two trial runs that we ran late last year so from week two, Jacob Kneebone (who all but got a podium in the 125 class at last weekends round of the NZ Nationals) was at the helm guiding, the half a dozen riders that made up the group.

Working Around

For the next three weeks he had to deal with the dust that has been plaguing the country this year. Jacob did what sounds to be a good job of managing the situation, sending them out individually where possible and doing plenty of that essential start practice.

On our way

On our way

Broxy took the first three Tauranga sessions and it was once the again the first day, at a private venue near the new TECT Park which was moisture laden- except this was a down pour! So, in the name of flexibility, the last part of the session was mainly spent under cover, drilling the pivot between good sitting and standing positions until they could do it with a wall of water running down the inside of their goggles, literally.

Getting Smashed

We hammered gripping with the knees at Maddix Park one week and how to keep gripping while braking into a corner the following week at the Broxy Track, using a special trick with their toes which made a big difference before Jacob took over for the fourth session once again up near TECT Park.

Not only that but we also kicked off in the North King Country at the local track smack bam in the center of a small town named Aria. Darren from King Country Honda was learning the first week and took over the next, not just helping with their laptimes and techniques with his eight riders, he even helped a few of them conquer the doubles section that shaved a massive four seconds off their lap times and helped confidence no end.

How it Works

Making the most of daylight savings, the real training has been running from 4.30pm, giving time to get sorted and a few laps of warm up as everybody is itching to get out there. For School Terms two and three with its shorter daylight hours the focus will shift to mainly primary school riders who finish generally finish their school day a bit earlier, meaning we can start closer to 3.30pm and have everyone finished well before dark, with the final term of the year once again more College age.

And keep an eye out as we begin coaching in the Huntly area and further abroad as keen riders and new trainers come out of the woodwork. Hawkes Bay and South Waikato are also well in the works so lets hear it if you may be keen and pretty soon we will have this whole country fizzing. Lets get together! More info here…

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