2 December 2012 / Broxy Coaching

MX after school trainers wanted

Broxy Rider Coaching are looking to hold after school training programs, and require trainers to run these. Trainers will be responsible for delivering skill and speed training, making sure the riders keep a journal of their riders’ diet and off-the-bike fitness training.

You will be representing Broxy Rider Coaching and we expect a high standard of our trainers, respect to riders and a positive attitude.

Trainers must have an interest in improving the level of mx riding in NZ.

Criteria for Trainer

  •  Some knowledge of motocross.
  •  Willing to learn training techniques.
  •  Reliable
  •  Willing to push riders and able to hold them accountable
  •  Able to list previous involvement in motocross e.g club committee, currently/previously a rider, flag marshall, school coach etc.
  •  Some fitness or nutritional knowledge also useful


The trainer will need to be present at one training session per week, every week for the school term for a year.

Each training session is 1.5 hours long. The trainer will need to arrive early and leave last, therefore 2.5 hours per week.

The trainer will also need to be available for video/phone conferences with Peter Broxholme to discuss rider progress and focus for next training session.


This will be discussed with the applicants.

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