3 March 2011 / Broxy Coaching

New and Old in Taranaki

Life is busy when you are having fun! A mountain bike trip in the Redwoods with friends the day after Round two of the NZ MX Nationals had been booked in for ages so that was a compulsory warm down to help free up the sore muscles. The problem was a one on one session in New Plymouth that afternoon so there was no time for this wannabe “downhiller” to waste.

Nick Hornby took a while to warm into his BRC session at the Barrett Road facility. Getting the best grip on the bars so he could put the clutch to full use was the first main challenge without him letting it out too far too soon or chopping down a gear. As is often the case his exit speed increased by heaps when using the extra gear and rut riding was much more consistent, what we like to see!

Launching out of control, pics by the Hollenbacks

Launching out of control, pics by the Hollenbacks

The next morning Kaitlyn and Carey gave it a go with good success after doing a few trails and wanting to explore their mx side more, especially in the jumping side of things. Next up, two Liams and Zac joined forces for a one on three session. They were using the hardest corner on the track, a tactic that eventually paid off with the greatest reward before helping the boys first of all clear the double doubles that used to be a roller section then soak and hit them with speed.

Hard and dusty

The Man

Local legend Shayne King heard Broxy was in town so brought his bike out for a ride in perfect timing to join in on some Moto’s. He goes as fast as ever so Peter was happy to hold his own in laptimes while learning some new inside lines at the same time.

A very noisy big end meant the session was over before it began for Logan on his 50cc bike. Before he could get too distraught Broxy let him listen while he coached Ethan and Sean into railing some corners and even clearing the finish line table top- just the once. Hopefully the bike isn’t too hard to fix!

Across to Wanganui we tried out a new track for us that is actually one of the oldest around. The infamous Devils Drop gave this track its fame with a long steep downhill that used to lead into a tight left hand corner which apparently used to be the ultimate crowd pleaser- especially in the wet.


Down boy

Dylan was back, along with Hayden and a top rider we hadn’t coached before, Connor McCormick who had heard about the session through Keown Honda, thanks guys. At first the boys showed Broxy around before he got them to find some new lines to make their own. A small indent halfway through the corner was found which quickly became the main line once their throttle jockeying had been tamed.

With the concrete pad still there and two of the lads planning on racing the Rotorua Nationals later that month it was a good way to finish the session. However the concrete was too grippy, so Broxy got out some water and made it more realistic. Good practice for two of them while Hayden let his feet air out after going down hard late in the session.

Green rocketship

Finally little Tom on his KX65 was able to get his session after waiting what seemed forever with heavy clouds closing in. The session was actually quite amazing. Getting a couple of small things right nearly doubled his exit speed on both a berm and this deep rut, leaving a very happy son and his father!

The Kai Iwi track was a great venue and we will surely be back so thank you to Steve Toohey and land owners Paul & Bronwyn Rogerson, along with the Taranaki Club for advertising us on their website bringing many new people along, we will be back for sure. Finally thanks to the Hollenback family for their pics!

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  1. liam honnor,

    thanks for training me broxy i cant wait until the 2nd round in the naki this weekend
    i want to win

  2. Tom Gilligan,

    Thanks so much for the traning Broxy pretty keen to win the 1st round of the wanganui racing.

    thanks heaps

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