28 July 2016 / Broxy Coaching

New GoPro Adding Value

Woodhill sand was the saviour of this trip, which is what my riders learned how to ride. Follow along to possibly pick up on a few tips of your own.

IMG_3664 It was a cool little loop in the old carpark that saved this rainy day, with three adults as my students. We carved corners, jumped bumps and powered through whoops. But it was a gnarly drop off some mini logs that got my heart going.

Every time their body got flung forward I would choke for a moment. Sometimes a mini superman would occur and I just had to make this right.

“The goal is for your torso to not get affected by the drop. You have to get extra low so your weight is back, but not too early.”

IMG_3667 I demonstrated with my best impersonation of ducking under an imaginary fence that was hung at the base of the drop. Duck too early and I wouldn’t have anything left when the front did drop. Not ducking low enough would see all my reserves of “bent arms” being used up with no where to go.

Another point that could have helped the situation would have been for the riders to move their feet back on the pegs, giving them some vital room to move back even further.

IMG_3645It was a good test, and as you can see from our video posted here, the boys were looking quite safe by the finish.

This is just a small clip of the 20minute video I sent to one of the riders who requested the footage. If you would be interested in my filming your next coaching session then just let me know.

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