1 October 2015 / Broxy Coaching

New Home Track

IMG_7941 Two highly anticipated events culminated at our Tauranga club day this month at TECT Park. I finally got to ride the track for the first time, while training eight young riders on a beautiful morning. And I wasn’t disappointed.

What some riders are calling the second best mini track around is a flowing circuit that is bound to help grow our sport. It was no fluke that we spent the first half of our session on two small sections of this track, proving that there is much speed to gain through a few crucial pointers and some focused aggression. One finger on front brake gave confidence in entry speed and control, helping them use the berms from their beginnings and then get on the gas hard after putting their foot back on the peg. While it might not have seemed like many skills, the resulting confidence and speed of those who committed to them was true testament to their importance.

IMG_7934Next was the senior track, where I was so pleased to find berms had been flattened before the fast sections, instead of the schicanes that make tracks one lined. Most of the jumps were fun yet safe, and the new start gates are top notch.

It was obvious that the challenge of a new track meant that the skills we had practiced earlier in the day had gone out the window, so our time on the main track was all about putting the new skills to work. This is where everything came together, the riders now sounding convicted and convinced as to how effective those skills were, now that they saw their need.

IMG_7947We finished off our day by running in the new start gates on the mini track. Because the ground was quite soft, I was kept busy fixing up the ruts after the gates, in order to help them in their pursuit of a straight start.

The tip that seemed to help Jack the most was keeping his chin up even though his eyes were looking down. He could now use his peripheral vision to great effect and he was once again getting the fast and consistent starts he was capable of.

I am sure that this day will be the first of many club days at our new home track, a great facility that will no doubt just keep getting better.

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