29 September 2012 / Broxy Coaching

No Coasting out East

Crunchy to touch, tacky inside. Like some yummy biscuit fresh out of the oven, we were welcomed to Wairoa by a track showing all the good signs of having had a decent club day the weekend before with only four of us there to enjoy it. The thought that came to mind regarding those missing out was “Their loss!”

Malcolm Rau

Round Two

Malcolm and I worked on refreshing the skills he had learnt just before an unfortunate accident kept him off the bike until recently, something he did not want to go through again. Not quite as difficult as learning it all over again we got stuck in and progressed so far as learning the framework of how to whip to give him full confidence in letting the bike move. I learnt a new trick in teaching people in the process so if you see me lay clumps of dirt in strategic places on an upramp for you to avoid, you will know where it came from because it works.

Strength in Numbers

Letting it go

That afternoon his son Murdoch joined a fast growing Saxon Sowerby, one of the 65 riders learning the best way to stand, the other working on his sitting, both with the goal of gaining much more movement and therefore strength. A happy but tired man I was on my way to the Hawkes Bay where a change of plan lay waiting.

While picking the brains out of a very helpful Craig Guy regarding all things elite in the training world of top MX racers, we moved the next days training from Waipukurau to Valley road where I met with Hadleigh Knight the next day along with Matt of Hastings Honda.

The Future

My brain still buzzing with information from the conversation of the night before I went to work with the lads on what was a somewhat marbley surface. Hadz is now an impressive jumper aboard his CRF150R with an awesome style so while we helped Matt follow his younger example in the air, young Hadleigh had his hard braking, early sitting and hard turning skills grinded without remorse.

The drive home gave time to sort out a plan for my upcoming nationals and future training ideas in helping bring the current generation of young riders through to the top, stay tuned for more plans to come.

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