6 April 2016 / Broxy Coaching

North and South of the Bridge

IMG_2117A good venue can make all the difference, so to have regular access to Ardmore in the south of Auckland and now a cool private track in the north is just a little bit of gold.

Not far from the former Ken Fells farm track is a fun little private pad with promise. It’s obstacles had something of a sirens call about them too, as all the riders were to find out.

IMG_2106Big Attitude

After some excellent work reshaping his standing style, Michael couldn’t help but attempt the big double with its long landing. Alison proved she has the bravery to ride some pretty steep ramps while Leanne is on her way to learning whips over them. Then it was Kyron and Connor who felt the irresistible call to hit the whoops and cut laps around the whole track. We hope to be back again soon.

Ardmore needs little introduction though, and with the run of the place all to ourselves it was a real treat. Stangely enough though it was the small practice loop in the middle of the track that caught a big part of my attention with riders both young and grown.


IMG_2149The Pumping Heart

Consisting of a long sweeper, a tricky little double, a brilliant rut and finally a long upramp to a tabletop jump, this is the kind of loop I would have if only allowed a limited area. We used it to work on staying forward and gripping the seat while hitting a kicker, to enter a rut fast, to exit a rut fast without powering hard too soon. Best of all for young Jan I helped him ride the slipping point of his clutch for starts and straights, getting him the confidence to use full throttle safely.

We will be back again soon for more adventures in the realms of our biggest brother city.

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