3 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Northern Families

Northern FamiliesWe hadn’t seen the Searle family this year so far, one of favourite northland hutches. We started coaching them on fairly small bikes so to see them sign up as riding CRF250’s gave us the wide eye. They must be getting fed the right stuff because they weren’t just riding the bigger bikes but looking right at home.

Being a tight knit unit they were ok to coach together with plenty of time for one on one attention. While their jumping had been coming along strongly we needed some focused work on controlling the situation when things go wrong, along with when and how to ride fully tapped down those sandy whooped out straights.

Wee bike

Broxy headed off for some dunes riding with a group of the locals for some spectacular action before finishing the days coaching with a new pair of faces. Billy was spoilt on his RM85 despite protests that the CRF150RB that Broxy let him ride was better. He was definitely better off than Jeremy who’s KTM65 was out of action and had to ride a well loved TTR. At least he was first off the mark every time. Fortunately the little bike didn’t hold back his progress by much although for the sake of the poor TTR’s forks we hope the bigger bike is back in action soon!

Staying with Bruce and Judy of Dargaville Honda is always a treat and their track is a real coup for the local riders. Next school holidays we are planning another club day coaching event over that way so keep your eye out for some great deals on track.

Mixed Pairs

Across to Kamo, Whangarei for two partnered pairs of man and lady. The first was Martin and Kim, very competent riders keen to upgrade their technique further where the biggest improvements also came in the air, proving it with some jumps at the top of the hill that they would not have thought themselves to be doing on a practice day.

The second pair of Stu and Paula took advantage of their time by learning how to corner without the risk of nearly as much slipping and sliding until really starting to push the limits- which wife did before husband!

Home Advantage

Finally to say thanks for using their track it was an hour well spent with young Troy Taylor. The last coaching session there had seen him master the big jumps he had been holding back on previously so this one was mainly aimed at corners. As the saying goes you win some and you lose some, that side of things didn’t explode like the last session had but we know Troy will be committed to getting it right before we see him next.

Next time we would love to work with the Whangarei club and its awesome track if they will have us, especially at club prices so get the word out, we hope to see you there!


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