4 May 2011 / Broxy Racing

NZ Juniors back in Tokes!

When the Junior Nationals last came to Tokoroa I hadn’t started racing yet. Over the next few years the place we called “Tokes” officially  became my home track and my MNZ licence agreed. So when the Nationals made its return 16 years later I had to be content with giving what knowledge I could to the next generation and live out my dreams glory through them.

On the track the biggest surprise came in the quietly humble hulk of Hamish Harwood of Takaka. His speed and fitness were both very impressive and while I like to think the small amount of coaching we did together might have played a part in his result it was more his commitment to training and desire to win that saw him get to the top of the 15-16yrs 250cc group. He also made a great push at the 125cc class against Micah McGoldrick. With points all tied up going into the final race Micah basically won the title in a very bold move that saw him scrub so low over the number one jump that he had Hamish’s rear wheel marks left on his arm after the race.

Mid air collisions

NZ Juniors There was plenty of incredible racing to go around, such as Haki Waller and Brandon Tipene touching wheels over one of the longest jumps in NZ. Or the likes of Campbell King battling the clock in an awesome last lap charge to spoil second place in qualifying. Too bad he wasn’t quite up to the fitness to really battle with these guys in the races, finishing in fourth place.

Then there was the standout performers that blitzed their classes of the likes of Maximus Purvis, Josiah Natzke and fellow Backflips rider Courteney Duncan, the girl ready to take on the world.

In total there was at least 20 riders who we have worked with quite a bit over the last couple of years who claimed top ten honours. However that was not the greatest triumph as that went to the riders we have recently worked with who performed at a level greater than they would have dreamed a short time before such as Shaun Thomson with his 12th position in the 125 class.

Highs and lows

I was especially stoked with Southland rider Conrad White with his 8th place and Chase Smith with his 2nd overall. We havn’t worked with these riders for a couple of years now but it is a great buzz to see them doing well. Another achievement nearly as good as the title itself was Jordan Milsom holding on for second overall in the 8-10yrs 85cc class. Jordan has filled numerous Broxy logs in his time which we hoped has helped.

Possibly the greatest disappointment was the 12-14 yrs 125cc class, mainly due to Kurt Langford being unable to ride due to injury two weeks before. We had been doing loads of work with him and he was flying so he had to leave the fight to Jessie Dobson and Hadleigh Knight which Jessie took in the end.

How can we help?

There are many names we have missed out who we would like to mention but one thing I noticed is how many we have not worked with in a close way yet who I would love to help along. If you have any ideas on ways we could be of best service let us know, in the meantime we will just keep covering the country as often as we can and just hope to make a difference to your riding.

Great job Tokoroa Club!

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