3 January 2011 / Broxy Racing

NZ Supercross Open

Coops and Josh  My Botany Honda CRF250R fires up second kick making all the right noises even after the hammering it took at the muddy Summercross. Satisfied I shut her off and got pushing to the line. That was end of the good things for a while as my bike did not start again until after a lot of kicking and changing over parts from my practice bike to eventually find that the kill switch was malfunctioning, just in time to rush out for the second practice. Fighting dust and trying to make up for missing first practice I completely forgot that this was also qualifying for starting gate pick.

My worries were temporarily forgotten when watching some of the young guys I coach find their feet in the junior racing, especially Campbell King making his way back to the front in the junior 250 class, narrowly missing out on winning the last two races and the overall.

Its on!

Pip Toman 2  Back on the start I got 2nd to last pick of the gates but with eight of us on the gates it didn’t matter too much and I came out of the corner in third or fourth.

Racing in the 250 class is always tight and even tighter on a supercross track with a lot of passing opportunities like this one and I struggled to get the timing and speed of practice I had had in days past at Masons track.

In race one I just managed to end in a sandwich between Ethan Martens and Nick Saunders for third place before lining up for a quick break into the second race. This one started out a bit better but this time I got the short end of the stick in a battle for second and went down losing the hard work. Unfortunately it was a worse story for the winner of race one as Brad Groombridge went down hard enough to end his night while 16 year old Aussie import Jackson Richardson put in some very fast laps to take the win.

Race of the year?

Moto boys  After watching the Open class battle it out we hit it again for our final two races. Ethan wasn’t doing any of the bigger jumps in the timing section but did a great job of blocking us all out which made for some awesome spectating with the top four of us going back and forth lap after lap. In the end Jackson took second while I held third, which happened again in the last race with Jackson winning and Saunders putting in a solid performance for second. This time I did pass Ethan but was definitely a big disappointed that I didn’t reach full potential for the night, ending fourth overall. What a crowd pleaser though. It was neck and neck right down to the line with positions changing throughout the racing, having the crowd on their feet and a shaking Mrs Broxy.

FMX vs Moto

It was a very good show packed with full on racing and the bonus of a show from the mx boys with some whips and freestyle mx riders such as Nick Franklin impressing with some good grab tricks over the finish line double while I fumbled through a few rusty tricks of my own. Well done to Mason Phillips for a great job on the track and the organizers for ending with a great crowd, even managing the traffic well to get them all out again.

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