3 April 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Off Road Trifector

Carter Hanes was the explorer of the mini track that weaves its way up and back down a steady incline. It seems that nothing is really flat around here, but neither is anything too steep. Or so I thought until Carter’s bike flipped its way off the last bump at the top of one particularly steep hill on the motocross track. Steep for a 65 anyway.

The world is your oyster

The world is your oyster

We did drills, sections and sprints until his bike, like his body, ran out of gas.

The Valley

The Valley

This visit had actually come about thanks to Michelle, partner of Russell Vining who happens to be the father of the very talented cross country aces who also share the last name. It also happened to be the first time I got to have a proper catch up with Matt Asplet since he was mechanic to DK.

We had a great time with three shorter sessions (to give plenty of recovery time) followed by a ride to explore the parks trails. The trails flowed and challenged, as I also became unstuck on one slippery downhill when I couldn’t stop to avoid a downed bike. Great fun,and we will be back.

Flight Path

The Ken Fells track was next where I met with Izaiah Watts, a 14 year old aboard a KTM450. Having come from further north it hadn’t been easy for them to make the session, but we made it worth while before shooting south again for my last stop of the trip at the Adams family farm near Mercer.

'Flying' At Fells

‘Flying’ At Fells

Riding Perfection

I was shown a most excellent option for the sessions, rolling paddocks laced with both hills and trees, enough to keep everyone from a fairly experienced adult rider like Hayden who was my first session, to the wee tackers aboard their little Yamaha and Kawasaki machines. Admittedly some of them did struggle with the bigger hill at first but it won’t be long and even they will be powering their way to the top with shoulders back, chest close to the bars and singing in just the right gear.

And there is always a chance that the mums will be following close behind in the near future if they decide to get together for a session with us. Apparently the kids have hardly stopped riding since and some new ground rules may have to be put in place before they will be needing headlights.

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