16 October 2019 / Broxy Camps

Only in Northland

We get “bench racing” at our camps all the time, but 20 kids “beach racing” at once?! Now that was something to write home about.

It was sad to put an end to our awesome Northland camps at Muzz’ place. It was a great track and he always made it fun with all kinds of fun things to do, whether it was extreme enduro through the trees or swimming in the river.

We were not sure what to do when it came time to move on, but in revisiting the Redhill camp of Dargaville we really fell on our feet. They have a great track out there and we made the most of it, building the confidence of the young ones and upskilling the older riders over a big two days. But, in the tradition of Muzz and his camps, we added something extra.

Speedway and Sand Whoops

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs the riders were fuelled up, they just needed to pack up their bedding, fuel their bikes and get their gear on. Soon they were following me down to a point where they could choose to park their bikes and walk to avoid the softest sand, or ride through. Not surprisingly, most riders were up for the challenge and we made our way down easily where we set up a beach racing loop, a play area and a trail loop for anyone who wanted the challenge of sand whoops. Leon and I even got to have a play with some big slides and long wheelies.

Getting the younger ones back up to the meeting point probably pushed a few parents to their limit but the riders were sweet. Soon we had everybody safely back to camp and bikes loaded, ready to drive to the track. But it wasn’t just the dad’s that I was most appreciative of. The ladies did an incredible job of looking after the food and cleaning up the camp for us. They were rewarded with tired kids at the end of the day, but could rest in the knowledge that their young ones were safer riders.

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