1 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Out East

Broxy was so keen to finally get to coach Tom MacDonald that we put him first on the list for our Coaching day at Valley Road, Hastings.

He was joined by Daniel the track local and they were treated to the corner and jumping skills that Broxy had been wanting to show them ever since the camp that saw Tom miss out on the coaching he had been waiting for.


Flying Griffith

They weren’t the only group to hit the double hard as Jack and Hadleigh had their turn next. Since getting on the CRF150R Hadz was really in his element and soon had the big jump dialled along with the step up earlier in the day while Jack showed us how to rip it up on the flat corners.

Greg Evans makes a very cool Dad with the cap on his hat turned up and sideways. He had organized a group of six riders with apparent ease and after our lesson it sounded like those riders could organize at least that many again out of their own friends. They really got into it, even Amanda on her DRZ250, letting herself go a gear higher with spectacular results.


Talent out East

After the big day Broxy’s van then moved it’s way a few hours north to Gisborne to the Kopua track where some of the quickest local riders met him in the morning. In the spirit of his genetic line young Travis shows great skills and his riding style is very fluid with loads of body and bike movement. He was joined by three others including rising star Xavier Dalziel. The wet track was a good test of how creative they could get with outside to inside lines.

Another group was next with five keen adults up for the challenge. Hitting kickers was their strength by the end with one slippery corner being the Achilles Heel. We got it better but sometimes you can’t win them all although of course they seemed very happy with all they had learnt.

Return of the Mohawkans

Saxon was back with a fairly tame hairstyle this time and with friends again, their little wheels turning pretty quickly on a track that had now dried out almost perfectly. Ethan and Keagan did well at getting outside their comfort zone and into the best lines.

The two busy days was again thanks to the local clubs, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay for their advertising and enthusiasm. It is paying off for them and they are making a good model for more of those that could do with getting involved!


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