3 April 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Over East

We do our fair share of travelling as we aim to cover the country every three months.  This time around we began on the North Island East Coast at Darren Hills track in Wairoa, joined by both Kieran Scheele and Logan Blackburn. And we were treated well.

Not forgetting the great value locals who met us there which included the families of Keegan Taylor and Fletcher Mildon who we were coaching, this little pocket of paradise had seen the rare privilege of a some decent rain to keep the groomed track in great condition. We had a ball trying to out do each others best lap times, having helped the younger proteges with their jumping and braking skills.

New Beginnings

The driving that night was followed by more of the same the next day, but not before three coaching sessions that included the first Hawkes Bay Broxy After Schools run by Kieran. Valley Road was the scene, hard packed ground ripping up tyres while the lumpy sawdust had its turn to get ripped up by us.

After dropping Kieran off at his home, Logan and I hit the Hairy Hills Bike Park of the Wairarapa where he had his turn running a coaching session with Janine and Shaun. I talked them through the key standing skills they then worked on for the first hour before doing the same through the main sitting technique for turning and powering. They had nothing but good things to say about Logan and their session apart from the fact that they were pretty shattered by the end!

Leaning Right

Meanwhile I was working with Stephen, Mark and Patrick on the back half of the Hairy Hills circuit, helping them handle kickers, hard braking and tight inside ruts, and before all of this was a session with Corey and Troy, a first time outside of the Honda kids club sessions for one, and the use of his birthday voucher for the other. We were fed like kings and I want to thank Hairy and Mr Holmes for looking after us so well.

This time it was my turn to get dropped off in order to catch up with my Aria After Schools crew at the Otorohanga club day while Logan carried on home. He proved to be just as big a help as Kieran had been so we wish him all the very best for his next few months as he does his first and last under 19 title in Australia this year and hope we can work together once he gets back.

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