3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Paeroa College Ready To Roll

Logan showed his coaching has paid big dividends since he first met us while riding his dads CRF450, now tearing up on Broxy ex practice bike


Broxy Rider Coaching is always keen to get involved with schools MX groups, offering the kind of support that other sports get and at the best prices we can.

The College boys were left with tanks out of fuel and brains full of skills they needed to practice

Seven riders made for the ideal group for plenty of fun one on one attention, if the group was any bigger we would have split them into alternating sessions.


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  1. Amanda Fitzpatrick - HPC MX Camp Mother!,

    Awesome stuff Paeroa & Broxy …. great to see MX building in schools….. that’s what I am all about along with the HPC team right behind me on their bikes……love it!

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