27 September 2010 / Broxy Coaching

The Road to Palmy

When you come across a fresh slip the size of an MX starting straight all but covering the road and still weeping streams of water you just have to hope you won’t get an early burial- and that you make it through before the road closes!

Aden blasting

Speed and style

As usual the Andersons track was not fased by the wet winter at all and with only even a few puddles to go around was the perfect venue for the three days of action as planned. A change from the usual saw two thirteen year old trail riders named William and Ash kick things off. The one on two was perfect as one had the technique while the other had the aggression, ideal for egging each other on to better cornering and more air than at least one of them had thought possible!

Berm busting

The next day saw Zac being encouraged into the style category and riding the clutch for fast starts. Aden got some real pushing on the aggression side and since it was only the two sessions for the day Broxy joined in for some hard riding of his own. There were some good berms to rail as Aden shows in the pic!

No go

There was a mix up as to use of the Motuiti track on Saturday so Broxy took the small group of Kevin, Tony and Ricky back down the road to the Andersons. Broxy’s experience of having done plenty of coaching and hard laps on this track didn’t hurt at all. This was Ricky’s first session with BRC where he showed loads of speed, something Broxy could refine into even more. Kevin found a couple of things he had been missing and Tony probably got more out of it having dad right beside him.


While this was happening the Aussie Junior Nationals were on so all the best to the Kiwi’s over there!

Ricky up close

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