3 March 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Patetonga Provides Thrills

Only days after the Valley Champs hit Patetonga it was BRC again enjoying a freshly cut up track.

The ruts came in long winding strips, littered row upon row across corners and down the long straights. Bumps had formed in the main line to punish those not thinking outside the square- a great platform to coach the boys on.

Not for the soft seated

Daniel and Shanon were joined by Mark and Stanley, last minute additions that filled in the positions of those who were otherwise engaged. Some of the skills worked, while sitting down early for bumpy ruts… that was effective but a bit sore on the old saddle if not sitting forward enough.

Broxy cut some hard laps with the boys looking on before the last two one on one sessions that day.

Tip #31, look out for posts

It wasn’t until the nationals round that Broxy found out the story after what he thought to be a good session with Cole. It was good alright and the new 65 rider apparently broke his rear brake habit and was riding extremely well at his home track later that week- until running into a post that he had always known was there and broke his wrist. Not sure what the moral of that story was but hopefully it gives him time to make sure he gets straight back on track? (No pun intended)

Time for War

The last session was with Dylan, an 85 rider who will get on a bigger bike soon and go like those fabled Clappers, whatever they are. It is always good to work with someone willing to chat, definitely no problems there! The track was definitely a challenge big enough for any rider so we were blessed to be able to hit it in conditions like that before the club guys got stuck in with the heavy artillery! Thanks guys.

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