1 October 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Peaking at Patetonga

Tyler has been racing for a total of 9 months now; basically a seasoned pro. Looking at his riding style you would think so anyway. We just needed to help his confidence entering turns at speed. He stands extremely low to the bike and is ok at gripping the seat with his knees so we used that through much of the ruts that he needed to conquer, adding in something new at the point when he did sit down.

Avoiding the temptation to lean forward, plus getting his inside leg really high to stabilize and help him lean in the rut was our first tip. His consistency and confidence improved quickly, which left him with the job of increasing his entry speed by using more front brake into the rut and using less blips on the throttle. Those blips are a hard habit to break but we are making progress, proven by his improvement in speed.

A father and son were next, having their first turn on this track. Keeping Marks arms bent were the key to helping him avoid the “Whiskey Throttle” that had seen him get in trouble before.

Zac soaked up the skills I was giving him with an exceptional readiness. By the end of our session he was well ready to race, and his comment was “We are becoming members of this club, Dad.”

Probably the highlight was helping them both master the drop off. I talked up how steep it was, then mentioned how it really isn’t all that bad. Well, they certainly baulked at the top of the drop off. Fortunately they also trusted me enough to go ahead and roll off the edge anyway. Despite their apprehension, both of them made it safely, with Mark even managing to get standing in the position I had shown him before he got to the bottom. After surviving that, it was like their confidence hit its stride, putting the skills we had practiced to good use.

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