4 December 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Perfect Excuse to Stay Home

Dad's Competition

Dad’s Competition

We have had a quiet month when it comes to coaching, but it has been a massive part of our lives with the arrival of our baby boy.

To have Owen arrive as healthy and strong as any baby was a very emotional moment, especially because we have known for many months now that he will be affected by a condition called Fragile X. He is off to the best possible start and we are sure that many of you will come to love him as much as we already do. In the meantime he has given me the excuse I needed to spend most of a month at home to enjoy my family, and many Bay of Plenty riders enjoyed 30% off their coaching costs. Thanks little buddy!

Brake Therapy

Daniel Molloy is one of those riders, coming to us from Tauranga Boys College having recently finished outside of the top ten at the first GNCC. He had the potential to do much better than that but there was one thing holding him back, and it was a tough habit to break; too much use of the back brake.

Low Flying

Low Flying

I lost count of the number of push ups he was forced to do as we used pain and embarrassment to overcome the fear of falling, something that he felt would occur from not locking up the rear brake into each turn. By the end of our first session he was starting to get it, leaning much further through the corner with more control in the process. The question was whether or not he could make this new style of riding stick?

When we saw him again two weeks later, he was a changed man. Thanks to determined practice at his own track during that time, he had overcome his old habit. Not only that, he had proved its worth by finishing fifth at the second round of the GNCC series the weekend prior.

Joys of Fatherhood

New Toy

New Toy

Even though Cameron lives just up the road from our track, this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to attend our sessions, but it didn’t take long for his Dad to join in on the coaching as well to make it even more worthwhile. Nor was it long before he stepped up from his trail bike to the dream bike of many twelve year olds- a CRF150R.

While he got a handle on riding in the higher gears to tame the beast, Dad soon showed the technique and speed that really deserves to be taken to the race track, something he has never tried. But learning whips is something new to him as well and the two of them got an idea on how to do that fairly quickly, so with a little more work we are excited about where this sport could take them.

As satisfying as it is to see a young student of mine grow in ability, watching that as a father has already proved to be even better, and our journey has just begun.

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