29 December 2013 / Featured Events

PHEC Officer Broxy?

Happy Patient

Happy Patient

Our scenarios were like some low budget TV drama, fake blood and ninja stars included.

Oddly enough it was in that situation that I felt most comfortable; not because there was carnage all around or a psycho ex-boyfriend on the loose, but because the semi reality of the whole thing and the casual conversation-style training that Craig and Carol of E.M.C had given us the day before. This was our Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) course, something I would recommend to any First Aid Certificate holder.

Based out of Whakatane, Craig and his team are the regular medics who look after Pirinis Motorbike Park. Obviously they know their stuff, but are also pretty handy at teaching it to others as well. Helped along by plenty of coffee breaks, we smashed our way through a bunch of practical stuff.

Leg Wound

Leg Wound

Know How

Recognizing internal injuries, getting familiar with the potentially life saving Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s), administering oxygen; all of this alongside back boards and splinting of bad breaks became our world as the infectious enthusiasm of our teachers made the extreme situations seem more like everyday life so that if it happened to us in the field or on the road, we would be able to react more confidently.

Which is exactly what happened to me at our church’s annual Carol singing that very night, where a boy fainted onto an elderly ladies leg who happened to be on blood thinning medication. I won’t go into details but it certainly helped me be the first to go get help.

The course was almost entirely practical and took less than two days to complete for a very worthwhile qualification, at a price that would be hard to beat. I’d recommend anyone in the BOP region to check out their website which is http://www.eventmedicalcover.co.nz/ and learn for yourself how useful you can be.

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