30 October 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Pirinis Camp

New Zealand speaking, it just doesn’t come any better. A fast and flowing motocross track, untouched by two wheelers for some time and freshly watered with a morning shower. With 24km of trails weaving their way over one ridge after the next mixing sand with clay, open straights to tree sections. Add around 30 riders to eat, ride and play with and you have a school holiday camp for the ages. We were blessed with exactly that and it was a boomer.

Sussing the lines, ready for action

This was our first camp at Pirini’s and you can be sure we will be back. Basically it went like this. Sign on and briefing was amidst a misty kind of rain, not enough to make you run for shelter but wet none the less. Some people were worried, I was stoked. While the ATV track we were to use remained untouched, over 240 riders had been drying out the trails during the past two days and this rain was exactly what we needed. Sure enough it turned into sunshine goodness before long, leaving us in moto heaven for the next two days.
Few people hit the trails, the moto loop being just too good. There were some that headed away, including myself when young Seton reported a rider that had gone off the track, hit a post and fell down a bank who needed help. While sounding serious the only damage was a bruised shin and bent gear lever, something easily remedied and we were all back on our way. It was enough to warm me into doing a lap behind Keith Paterson, at a pace reminding me of the Tarawera 100- it was fast and very fun. He lost me once when the hard loop unexpectedly cut left while the easy loop went straight but I did manage to catch him again before the finish to save face.

On fire by day, by the fire by night

Later that afternoon and around lunchtime on day two after the riders had plenty of riding time, we rounded up everyone we could find and went through some of the more crucial pointers that each rider could work on. Keeping it short and sweet and following up with the extra one on one sessions during the rest of the stay, we had some excellent feedback and the improvements were easily seen.
Of course the only injury had to be non riding related – Tyler went down in style after a flying rugby tackle while scoring a try in our big game while the parents enjoyed the entertainment. We all felt for the poor lad who had been enjoying himself so much and was to miss out on his riding time those holidays, toning it down to a soccer game until a bonfire was built and we all retired for an early night.
The hospitality from Trish and Francis was incredible and by the sounds of things next time will only be even better. With a facility like this you can be sure to be entertained as many days as you wish to stay so we can’t wait for next time, we will be back!

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