3 September 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Pirinis- Cruel To Be Kind

He was expecting everything he said to be the complete opposite of what I was doing, and, in his own words, “That is exactly what happened.” And yet he still came to get coached. This is the kind of attitude I can really work with.


I always appreciate adults who are willing to try the things I am telling them. From being coached myself, I know that it is one of the hardest things as self preservation mixed with old habits and a bunch of other things make you want to resist. Then I go and tell them to exaggerate those things even more so that they are actually doing them properly. It is pretty mean really. But what I heard next was the goodness- “It’s smooth, it just feels so foreign.”

This is where progress is really being made. Everything I teach is designed to take the effort out of what you are doing so that you are working with the bike and not against it. The flip side is how insanely weird it usually feels at first. Even the smoothness is foreign because we usually only feel fast if we are throwing the bike around. It turns out that smooth really is fast- as much as something deep down inside us might not want that to be the case.

The Flip Side

That day I spent a few moments helping riders who were not a part of my coaching session as well, just from pure passion for making their life a lot easier. One rider wanted the help and went on to great things that day- literally from his first time on a bike to getting all the way around the intermediate trail loop. I hit something of a brick wall with another rider when trying to help them, but I totally understand.

Getting coached is something you have to be ready for, especially for those of us who have been around a while. It makes me appreciate those who are willing to learn, and makes the progress from people like those who I quoted above so much more valuable, especially when the first quote finished with the words, “I’ll be back for more. Very happy customer.”


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