30 October 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Pirinis- Vintage group

For years he had been thinking of getting me out to train his big group, but as is often the case, he had never got around to making it happen. Then one day I show up on his doorstep to pick up a vintage trials bike that he was selling to a friend of mine; and the motivation had finally arrived.

New and Old

The question was whether my skills would help on their Vintage bikes, something that they had been discussing just before I arrived for the big day. I made the bold call to say that their reasons were rubbish, so now I had to back up my big talk.
We started on the mini track to focus on some key cornering skills. Under the roof of coaching forced to make some tweaks to how they rode. Sitting forward and leaning back more than normal was not natural, but they all agreed that it made the turn much better. This was the case with throttle control and other things as well, to the point where they were soon flying around the little track just because they felt more comfortable than normal.

Up and Down

Standing was met with a little more resistance by some, while others smoked it. Soon we were ready to hit the main track and its jumps, just enough to lock in the skills without beating up the bodies too much. It was the hills that I really wanted to get them on.
Since Blair had bulldozed them a year ago, this series of hills have come in very handy. We could lock in the lessons on a decent and wide hill, with a more difficult one to progress to. It was perfect because it was enough to challenge the more confident riders to the point where they lost their technique and had to work to get it back again.
We finished with a free ride and bbq lunch, after which I am sure they hit the trails to try out the new skills. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you can just give it new tyres.

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