11 February 2019 / Broxy Camps

Prepping For Junior Nats

There are some very specific skills needed at Flipps and there was a great need for some proper training at that venue with the big weekend fast approaching. Once again they groomed the track at our request, creating the sandy conditions that we needed for some serious rider training.

Facing The Giants

There were two main areas of work to be done. The first was jumping, which was key for even the most confident jumper because of the wind and the uneven upramps that can form.

We hammered the whips that help in every circumstance, but a bonus was the reminder to look past the kickers that can cause so much grief. This came from Dylan, who was with us for the second day and proved himself once again as my right hand man.

Soft Corner Secrets

The second main area was dealing with soft corners, of which there were plenty.

They were really causing havoc until I had my riders stay standing all the way into the best part of their turn. This meant they could get their weight back enough to avoid their front wheel digging in, with the added bonus of more entry speed as they could allow the sand to do the braking for them. Then their turn was one movement, provided they didn’t get too hard on the power straight away.

I wish every rider the very best at the Junior Nationals next month, and will be more than a little jealous.

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