30 October 2019 / Track review

Pretty Fly

Pic by Paul of DRD Mag

My wife cracks up at how MX riders have their “Outfit”. Just like a Grandma, but except for a matching purse and hat, we have our riding clothes match our boots and helmet. She just finds it even funnier when I try to explain how practical it is. Well the time has come for me to get a whole new outfit. As much as I loved my previous kit, I am now officially a Fly guy.

Gotta Last

Pic by Paul of DRD Mag

Fortunately I haven’t lost out on those non negotiables of practicality. I need gear that will last, and Fly have grown to a point of durability that I can trust. This is mainly shown in the quality of leather protecting my bike from the terrible abuse that knee braces can inflict. Next is the quality of material that keeps the seat of my pants from wearing out. While a worn backside is almost accepted in motocross circles, my Grandmother would be horrified, so it is best avoided by quality gear.

Gotta Fit

Pic of Zak Hetherington by Fruit Party

Comfort is also key. Us racers are fickle people. We want to have zero distractions when giving our best on the track, and having comfortable and well fitting clothes is a big part of that. A feature that keeps being brought up is the Boa system that allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the waist band on your pants, such as that found on the Evolution DST series. You would think it is just a marketing ploy except for how useful it actually seems to be. Other things like venting in key places has also been fine tuned, and while I don’t race in the heat of California where these pants were designed, neither do I get cold wearing these clothes.

You will be seeing much more of me wearing this kit, both on the track and in the DRD mag. With its competitive pricing I am sure to be seeing many of you wearing it as well.

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