2 December 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Price Changes 2017

General Coaching Options

Dirt Bike Coaching

Everyday coaching, organised dates, all ages.

1 on 1  $270.00 2.5 hours
1 on 2  $190.00 per rider 2.5 hours
1 on 3  $170.00 per rider 2.5 hours
Group (4+) $150 per rider 2.5 hours

20% Discount for family groups (conditions apply)

School Groups or Dads Days

Occur: As requested. $90 a rider, 2-3 hours

After School Training

Occur: Weekly during school terms. $30 a rider, 1 hour

Club Coaching

Occur: Any time of year on any available date. Exclusive to the club and their choice of riders (minis, juniors, seniors etc). $90 a rider. Day price options also available. Any number of riders. Clubs can either obtain sponsorship, subsidise or have riders pay their share.


Specific Coaching Options

Kids Camp

Something for everyone. A fun two days of riding with some coaching from Broxy.


Occur: Once every month or two. 2 or 3 Days of riding. Various locations. $500-700 a rider. Suitable for riders of all levels wanting to focus on improving skills.


Occur: January. 4 Days of riding a week. Based at Pirini MX Park, Pongakawa. $800 a rider. Suitable for riders who are more focussed on competitive riding, including diet and fitness regimes.

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