3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching


We got our first enquiry from Charlie’s Dad, Kim, back in 2008. He was wanting to get his son coaching, he had never raced before but was very keen. Four years on and we have seen this rider make leaps and bounds (or rather ruts and jumps) in his riding. Despite starting at a young age, it hasn’t been until recent years that Charlie’s urge to race kicked in.


Who is He?

Name: Charlie Rowe
Age: 14
First Bike: JR80
Currently Rides: CRF150R
Recent Success: 1st in Gold Nuggets MX Day, Under 17, 85cc


Its A Long Way From Tapawera

I started riding when I had just turned 4 on an old Suzuki jr80.  It was only about my 3rd ride on it when I managed to crash into a gate, so now I wasn’t wanting to go near a motobike.  I grew back into it after 6 months or so.  I built my skills up on the farm and did a couple of trail rides dubbing on the back of dads motorbike. 
I soon started going to trail rides around the Rangataiki and Manawatu.  We then moved to the South Island in 2007 and I started to come into a love of motocross by 2009. My first event was the Peter Brown Memorial, coming a suprisingly close second.  That was when I first met Broxy.


Future Ahead

I have been racing now for 2 and a half years and recently rode at the New Zealand Junior Nationals. Unfortunately, having a massive crash training 6 days before, I came 18th with 2 dnfs.  Some events I am looking forward to are the Nelson Champs and the South Island Secondary School Champs.  I’d just like to thank Mum and Dad for helping me get this far, Morleys Honda for looking after me so well, Sports Physio Therapy for keeping me in top shape and Utopia Goggles for hooking me up with some sweet goggles.

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