21 July 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Pukekohe Club Coaching

When winter arrives, a pumice soil base is like chicken soup to the motorcycle rider, and when that delicacy is a rare one, you take every chance possible.

Big Brother Ben

Big Brother Ben

Our opportunity arose thanks to the efforts of Donna Margison, secretary of the Pukekohe MCC who fired their rider training program into life once again with a series of coaching days planned for the coming months. Keep your eye on their website or facebook page, or simply email us if you would like us to let you know when we have more dates confirmed.


Beginning at 9am we had a few hours to work with our small group before the masses arrived.

Sodden by the recent rains, even the mini track was challenging to ride so we gave it a little longer to dry by kicking off our session with an oval carved out of the short start straight. It always surprises me how much progress we can make in such a small riding area.

Drink Up

Drink Up

Braking and sitting tips, throttle control and starts. I was even able to help my assistant coach with a bad habit he has of looking down at his front wheel on tight turns while he helped show the young ones how its done.

Avoiding a Butt Kicking

That kept us busy until after the drinks break, when jumping could be tackled. There was a new kicker on one jump that really tested how well they can get their weight back when the need arises, and as usual there was work to be done on this skill.

Being able to get your bum right back without arms going straight is only possible by getting super low to the bike, and only useful when implemented late enough off the jump. Watch this space as I intend to do my part to help educate NZ riders in this most crucial part of dirt bike riding.

Further training sessions this year will be held at both the Mercer and Pukekohe tracks and we can’t wait. Positions will go fast with the discounted rate as we put a little back into the future of our sport.

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