5 January 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Quick Riding Fix at Pirinis Camp

Camping in Style

Camping in Style

This is where our hosting experience all began. A single overnighter, the only break between two solid days of riding and fun alongside Broxy.

 This one came after two solid weeks of Academy training, so what was two more days in relationship to that. Especially with all the fresh faces we were to have.

From Whakatane to Ahitu, completely new to us or riders we have become quite close friends with. It just so happened that both extremes of riders came across some sort of trouble, but fortunately it did not affect either of them much, with one being a Dad and the other able to simply head home for the night.

Having A Thrash

Having A Thrash

The riders kept lapping it up until closing time, including a few trail rides I was able to guide them on as we discovered all the harder loops. You couldn’t have asked for better conditions after recent rain and with the whole place to ourselves it was life on a high.

Good food and a soccer game were our entertainment for the evening but sleep was never going to take long, especially after their second day of riding. With some new techniques in their minds and a few more hours on the clock of their bikes the riders headed home for a well deserved rest, their fuel filled fix satisfied for now.

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