3 June 2011 / Broxy Racing

Racing the great southern Sandpit series

Dunedin put on a magic day. While I picked up my brand new CRF250R that Blue Wing awesomely supplied as my new south island bike, my parents explored Lanark Castle and the spectacular Otago Peninsula. The bike was quickly put to good use. After staying with Campbell Kings family near Brighton as I so often do, taken the time to watch the Las Vegas SX on Sky and try out the new MX vs ATV Alive game then attending Church in the morning, we then headed to Balclutha to race the third round of the great Sandpit series. Campbell is locked in a big battle with Sam O’Callaghan for the points in this series and had just gained a small advantage by winning the first two races- then I stuffed it all up for him.

Brain Fade

I find that my bikes last and perform their best if run in like I plan to continue riding them. So I assembled the bike and lined up just in time on the start line. Unfortunately I had forgotten the brakes wouldn’t work so well and overshot the first corner before washing out and taking Campbell down with me!

While he struggled to start his bike I got back up and charged hard, feeling terrible for my mistake! With no tearoffs I made some pretty rough passes to get up to 2nd place. Cam finished 7th.

Come back

He seemed to forgive me so for the final race I didn’t make the same mistake and started in third, passing Isaac Hay as carefully as I could seeing as I would be staying with him the next couple of nights! Sam was next who I passed with a wide open move around the third corner, then proceeding to check out as fast as I could.

Campbell was very close to getting second but Sam held him out to make things very interesting with two rounds to go in the series. Campbells only request was that I show him how to make up at least two seconds a lap up on his speed seeing as my best was fastest by four!

A track is often at its best for coaching when it has just been used for a big race day. This was just the case to kick off our coaching trip down south which began at Balclutha MX track.


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