14 January 2015 / Broxy Racing

Raising The Bar Of Thrills To New Heights

Raising the bar of thrills to new heights, the DRD Super Enduro turned out to be exactly the return to racing that I was looking for.

January the 10th was my equivalent of Anaheim 1, and having barely raced last year it was an event I had been hanging out for. Super Enduro is basically just another name for Endurocross, almost a mix between trials and Supercross where you race around short circuit filled with obstacles such as skidder tyres and large logs that have been laid out in all sorts of different arrangements in order to get heart rates souring. It encompasses all the things that I love about riding dirtbikes, without the added risks of massive jumps and high speed. Don’t get the wrong idea though, there was no doubt going to be plenty of spectacular crashes.

The Challengers

Three or four of the offroaders were DRD SuperEnduro there and ready to fight. The course was long, with an excellent array of different obstacles, and the times were tight with three of us on exactly the same lap time after heat one. Sam Greenslade and I managed to shave one more second off that time in heat two which gave us the gate pick over Redbull Romaniacs rider Greg Delatour and track designer Chris Power. We were in for a goodie.


When the flag was raised for racing to begin I snuck off to an early lead. Sam had an off early in the piece, and with Chris still recovering from a tough couple of months it was down to Greg and I. Fortunately he was extremely competitive and actually passed me for a brief moment at one point, before going down on a tricky plank ride that we had been tripling over when no traffic was in the way. That left me to finish out the eight lap race for a very satisfying win.

Back in the Saddle

Race two began in much the same way, with Greg catching right up to me after a few laps where he was able to triple the plank section while I had traffic to deal with. Unfortunately it was my turn to take a spill in this race, missing my line through the firewood section and being sent over the bars. On the positive side there was sawdust to ease my fall, but I was stuck under the bike for what seemed like hours, and was unable to catch Greg again in the shorter 6 lap final.Trophies
That gave Greg the overall win for the day with myself in second and Chris Power in third, however the racing was far from over. Enduro sprint were next, and our endurance was to be severely tested in the extreme heat that afternoon.
The way these sprints worked was that we had one look lap around a five minute section of track, before doing two sprint runs and then repeating that process twice more at the two other locations.
Being my first Enduro sprints since racing the International Six Day Enduro way back in 2006 it was a real buzz to finish the first sprint in first place, albeit by just one second over Sam Greenslade and Chris Power who were back with a vengeance.

The Ruts Have It

The second sprint saw Sam make three seconds back on me before we moved to section number two. This one had some areas with long grass covering holes and ruts that I wasn’t too confident on, and so I lost twenty seconds on Sam in the first sprint. This was consolidated in the next sprint though where I was much faster now that I wasn’t so scared of those holes, although Sam still beat me by around ten seconds.
The third and final sprint section caught me out on the look lap, where my front wheel suddenly disappeared out of a rut that looked solid. Straightening out the radiator and learning to rely completely on my Rekluse clutch now that the clutch lever was completely snapped off, I didn’t handle the situation very well and lost plenty of time over the next two sprint sections to solidify third place for the Enduro Sprints.

Being my first time riding on any of these tracks I was well pleased with this first foray into this type of racing. There is obviously plenty to work on but it is an exciting challenge.

Next up is the River Race at Woodville which should be a good laugh, so I hope to see you then.

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