1 December 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Relief With New Plymouth and Wanganui!

Broxy got back from America chomping at the bit to pass on some of the knowledge he had gained, and even learned a few more things while doing so. Here is how his latest north island tour went down. 

New Plymouth was first on the list, future home to the 2013 Junior Nationals where Zac Hetherington had his first session back with Broxy in almost exactly a year. It was great working with the Hetherington team again, one which has grown to include Zac’s new mechanic John who keeps his KTM85 ready to go.

Standing close to the bike and squeezing the seat through the rough stuff was his main need, the same thing that Broxy had learned, he also needed most. Repetition is the key to getting used to that one!

Ripping it up

After him, Cullen got drilled on corner speed and Charles overcame some jumping issues, thanks in part to some handy Castrol Oils for his gearbox and more standing work, completing a good release for my need to pass these skills on.

The next day, Wanganui’s Manuka Park was once again home to some good motos and coaching, this time for the likes of Chase Gedye and Phillip Palmer who overcame jumping and rut issues to eventually nail some impressive sections, especially Chase with his rollers and Phillip with the doubles.

To finish off the trip the Club track was next for Logan Kerrisk who turned inconsistent jumping into style, despite some set backs that would have stopped a lesser rider. He was followed by a keen crew from O’Dea Honda, one of which being a seriously skilled lady.

There was a bit of carnage with Nicole crushing her foot against a bank and Steven not seeing his mate turning early after the rollers, ending up climbing his bike on top of the other. Despite all that they left happy with good things to say about all they learned- either something must have gone right or they are good liars!

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