8 June 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Resurgence of Riding- Auckland

For a few years it looked as though there may not be any tracks left in the Auckland area, but we seem to have come out of the Valley. Woodhill and Ardmore are going strong, along with the excellent Flight Path MX facility opening near the airport recently. One of our old private tracks also received a welcome tickle up, where we were able to smash good standing styles into some keenkids.

You could clearly see the lines that Josh Coppins had formed on his recent visit, on a track that was once again worthy of his attention. The turns had plenty of options, the jumps were better than ever and the whole track was at least five metres wide everywhere.

Three Riders, Three Needs

William has had plenty of coaching before, both from myself and Daniel Newman up north, yet he needed the biggest stick; simply to help him stay lower to the bike while jumping. He could try to scrub but he really needed the ability to hit the jumps harder. I got stuck into the advanced skill of forward and back movements with his arms staying bent. That riding style will help his jumping a lot, along with helping him through the slippery sections.


Jack needed something similar, with his key being the ability to bend at the waist. He was jumping with straight arms, which left him with nothing left when things went a little sour. He was really good about it though, willing to change. Soon Jack was launching like a madman.

Being Marco’s first session and having only been riding bikes for a short time, first he needed to start using his brakes properly, but again it wasn’t long before he was looking good. I think the track was to his liking. Like Flight Path MX, the upramps and downramps both curve gently, meaning we could even help Marco turn his way through his jumps. There is no danger zone to land in, meaning he could build confidence without unfair punishment.

It seems that the future of MX in Auckland is looking bright.

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