2 September 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Review – Dylan Ryan’s Track

IMG_4220 There is a select number of private tracks that we get to coach at that really deserve a mention, Dylan Ryan’s place being one of them. You may have seen pictures of this place from when I was testing the CRF250 and 450R bikes in last years DRD magazine. With a backdrop of the Kaimai ranges and rolling green hills, it is no wonder that Matamata was used as filming location of Hobbiton, but that is not why we like it so much.

IMG_4242Action Packed

River silt is pretty darn good as a motocross track surface, especially during the wetter months when it can be ripped and rolled. In this condition it can handle the rain and forms up some nice berms and ruts, with upramps packing nicely because they are basically left untouched.

Dylan’s track is particularly good for coaching as it is easy to make short loops to coach whatever we need to focus on. The jumps are very safe and there is even a roller section to practice keeping the rear wheel on the ground. The small tabletop near the river was perfect this month for helping Troy get used to jumping a motocross bike while turning a slight corner. I love seeing the young’uns learn their stuff on a CR125.


One corner in particular really works well, both for ruts and berm work. Iestyn backed up some incredible jumps on the step up aboard his 50cc machine with corner work that would have impressed Ryan Dungey. His accuracy at turning was impressive, having to manage exactly how far he leaned to avoid his footpeg digging in to the inside of the rut too much.

This month it was a bit too wet to use the new section of track that Dylan built last year, but this is the perfect scenario with spring arriving. Any rain will keep that area particularly good at handling the dryer days, meaning that it can be groomed more often without needing watering.

Finishing it off is an excellent set of home made starting gates, the kind of thing that every racer should spend plenty of time on. Then, once all the riding is done, chill out on the picnic bench and enjoy the view. What better office could a bloke ask for.

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