1 January 2012 / Featured Events

Rider Profile- Campbell King

Campbell dropped in to our house the other night, so what better time to do a quick interview. You could describe Campbell as an easy going 17 year old with a healthy addiction for riding, and here are a few answers he gave us;

Is it a Comet?

On his first ride at four years old… “My sister had a wee quad and I wasn’t very good, I remember crashing it into the bushes and dad yelling at me…”

How he hopped into the deep end… “I was nine, on a 65, first race was New Zealand Champs, the Nationals. It was at the Michael Godfrey track in Christchurch and real muddy.”

What happened next… “After that we did the Southern series and we were looking for an 85, went in to Honda Otago and they wanted to sponsor us so that’s how I got onto a Honda. The next year at Nationals I got 8th, at New Plymouth. I was real gutted, in one race I got the holeshot, checked out and on one of the last corners of the last lap I crashed and couldn’t pick my bike up.”

On his Championships… “In 2007 at Mosgiel (Broxy’s favorite track) I won every race, then at Taupo in ’09 I was in the 150 class and won that but I crashed, bruised a bone in my ankle ankle, could hardly walk.”

Com'n at Ya

His worst injury… “I did the cruciate ligament in my knee. It sucked because Woodville was halfway through the Supercross season and I was leading that, did my knee there and my doctors said it was just stretched, then raced at Auckland Champs, cased something and my knee popped out.”

Highlights… “Racing in Aussie was cool and getting 3rd, another highlight was running second at the Junior Worlds in Taupo, before I crashed. That was the highest, and then the lowest in the same race.”

On the near future… “I want to get top ten in the motocross Lites this year, and then maybe race the under 19’s in Aussie, just working my way up.”

Would you say that Broxy Coaching has helped? “Yip, Broxy Coaching since I was like 9, till now. Remember when you trained me at Mosigel and there was that step up thing? Yeah you were just like ‘Lean in to it’ and I just like did a whip, and I was pumped as on it. Came back and I was like Broxy I just did a whip!”

Sponsors? “Oamaru Honda, General Tyres, Dunlop, ah, One Industries, Alpinestars and Trevor King Earthmoving.”

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