28 February 2012 / Broxy Coaching

RIDER PROFILE: Xavier Dalziel

He’s 12 years old and already making his mark in the sporting world. Hailing from Gisborne,and with the support of his Nana Marija,  Xavier has excelled at swimming winning four different races at his local swimming sports, achieving top 3 positions in numerous athletics codes, and showing hes got speed in triathlon coming 2nd at the inter rural competitions. Most of these were achieved while only 9 and 10 years of age!

But thats not all

Besides being a dead shot (possums beware) he is also a top motocross rider who is starting to mix it with the big boys. Running a 65cc and 85cc he is making that transition to the juniors but still managing to keep his speed and his head while learning how to make the important step up.
Although his semi automatic Hogue Ruger is the love of his life, his passion for motocross and wanting to learn are clearly evident.  On his stay with the Broxy’s recently he clearly showed his enthusiasm to ride and learn with Broxy, making the most of an Awakaponga open day and additional practice on the xbox.


His favourite track is Tokoroa and your bound to see him out there. His goals for 2012 include extending his motocross competitive racing to include more of the Whakatane and Taupo racing so keep your eyes out for this young up and comer and ask him about his hunting!

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