23 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Rider profiles- Mitch and Keeley Scott

This brother/sister team have been regular students of mine for years, so it is a real buzz to see both their speed and personalities really starting to come out. Maungaturoto was our latest get together where fun and learning came together like peas and carrots.

Full Fun

Right from the get go Mitch was on top form, joking around and having a good time riding. His highlight was jumping over the starting gates, and yes, he was literally flying because of the loop we were using to get back to our coaching area. Since then his mum sent me a pic of him mimicking my attempted heel clicker. I have to be more careful of the example I give these impressionable young folk!

Now we know that they can ride ruts, but we took them to the next level at Maungi. They definitely needed a push in the area of front brake use, but what I love is how they are willing to actually do what I am telling them, even to the extreme of not being worried if they commit so hard that they fall over in a rut. Both of them went down at some point, but both of them were straight back up with a smile on their face. The thumbs up that she gave me just moments after falling was classic, and that kind of attitude will help them go far.

Got Your Back

These two racers are also incredibly supportive of each other. Pictures prove how they are always at each others side for a racing start if at all possible, making this a tight team. My highlight was getting a photo with them both, especially because it made me feel like they approved of my attempts at trying to show off to them after our session was over.

The results are coming for them too, the miniature TT being the latest with Keeley coming home in fifth place. I am sure there will be many more to come, but more important than that are the times they are able to share doing what they are good at, which is riding bikes.

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