2 August 2018 / Broxy Camps, Broxy Coaching

Riding Tip- Root Riding Skills on an MX Track

I called it “The Squiggle”. It is something that I very rarely teach, but in cases like these where you need to pop up a ledge or rut that runs parallel to where you are going, it could make all the difference.

Right in the middle of our three day bootcamp, our riders needed some work on the final berm before the lap scoring hut at Pirini’s. Using the outside berm, their hardest turn was happening at the end of the corner. They just weren’t getting high enough in the first part of the berm, and for once they had an excuse.

One Inch Wall

Formed as the tractor rippers make their way around the corner, a small lip was threatening to catch their wheel if they didn’t hit it on enough of an angle. What am I talking about? Well, let’s just jump into enduro mode for a moment. Coming across a slippery tree root at the last moment is never a pleasant thing, especially if it is running at an angle to where you were headed. It wants to deflect your wheel somewhere that you didn’t want to go.

Sharpen Up

So what do you do? Using body language, footpegs, throttle and clutch- oh, and a little steering as well, you must pick a moment to attack the tree root (or in this case, sneaky lip) on a sharp enough angle that your wheels won’t slip. It is basically a violent wiggle, moving your wheels away from it for a moment then back in again before you can continue heading in the direction you were initially travelling.

To get my riders spreading their cornering forces out over a greater part of the berm, they watched as I “Squiggled” up over the lip before railing the berm. Not many of them were brave enough to try straight away, but they all got it by the end and looked much better because of it. Best of all, the lip didn’t catch anyone out, setting them up for what was an epic final day of camp.

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