2 March 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Riding with the Stars

You have heard of our Broxy Boot Camps. So what is a Broxy Academy? This Summer we hit Pirini’s for three days of training- but it was the day that we spent off site that really made the camp shine.


Recent rain in the Rotorua area, combined with a groomed Horohoro track, worked like a magnet to draw in a list of top NZ motocross riders that was something of a who’s who. So here I am, turning up with my six students. How was this going to work?

I figured that the pros would make the most of the conditions early in the day and slowly peter out. The theory was working, as I started my group on a part of the mini track; until more pros turned up. Oh well, we were just going to have to run with it.



With Cody Corson’s dad marshalling the pull-off area, we hit the finish line section. The ground conditions were perfect, having formed some deep and long ruts that Rhys Cartermade look pretty smooth. The front brake, throttle control and looking ahead that I had been smashing into my riders for the past couple of days was really coming into play, but this was only the warm up, when compared with what came next.

The next best section had two wet patches that muddied a few of my riders. Getting cross rutted put one over the bars, while the rear wheel of the person in front sent another rider face first into the mud. It was time to watch the real expert in action.

Ben Townley says that Cody Cooper is definitely one of the best in the world on New Zealand soil, and it was this Honda rider that gave us the ultimate school. I spent some time explaining what he would do through a section while he made his way back to the turns we were watching, and Cody would oblige perfectly every time with even more than what I had said. He didn’t say a word; his riding did the talking.

Hadleigh Knight was another one to watch as he did more laps than anyone, although Josiah Natzke had done plenty even before we had arrived. Even The Honda Shop’s Trent Collins was there, showing us how to nail a start, an example that we followed soon after.

There was no rush to head home after the riding had finished, so we stopped at the BMX track and jump park for a play. Cold Lasagne tastes mighty good when you are hungry. Heading back to camp I knew that the day had been good for everyone, especially those who would be facing even tougher conditions at Woodville the following weekend.

We should go off site more often.


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