27 July 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Right Place, Right Time

There are situations where a mother in law can be very useful, apart from looking after the kids or bringing your wife into the world. With a forecast looking dodgy for their trip to the Auckland Zoo Sarah had borrowed her mother’s best tramping jacket for the trip north. There was no need for it that day with Chloe free to drool and squeal over the massive exotic animals to her heart’s content.


The next day was a different story. There was no place to hide when there is coaching to be done and with a very cold breeze blowing through, Broxy’s already saturated Honda jacket  wasn’t looking good until he tried Mums jacket. What a life saver that was and who would ever know it was ladies attire.

Full Speed

Ryan Webley was first up and straight onto the Junior loop. He charged full speed through the puddles, no problems there. Broxy spent a good deal of time encouraging him to use the entire width of the track, standing further and further in the way until there was no choice but to set up wide to open up any corners that had been a bit tight. It also helped with his braking, getting onto a smooth run down the steepest slope and encouraging Ryan to brake hard with the front almost as late as if there was no slope at all.

“Weird, but better”

Nick Wightman joined his older brother Jake this time for the first hour, making a big difference in his cornering from riding almost American Chopper style to a much more central position which felt “Weird, but better”. Jake did the second hour without his little bro as the coaching headed to Woodhill’s old car parking area for some firmer ground and supercross style whoops. Staying off the throttle for the first half of the turns encouraged Jake to carry more speed into and through both tight and longer corners while a fun trip home through the whoops made sure he was letting the bike move under him.

A far cry from his usual home in Rarotonga there was no complaints from Thomas who found splashing around in the sand to be easier than slipping on the dirt where he had another session the very next day out at Waiuku along with three other keen lads. An afternoon session saw us teaching the boys all about skills that helped them corner fast without sliding and jumping with more control.

Jayden loving the 150R

Six ladies

Before that however was a group not to be missed. Six ladies of different backgrounds and enthusiasm, but the same keenness to learn assembled with the Broxy clan. Botany Honda was a big help for Christein, lending her a nice CRF150F for the days coaching, the first time she had ridden a bike. Sarah was able to show her a few essentials while Broxy helped the others get going before they started from the very beginning, including which way the gears went – “Stomp it down into first and then change up from there”.

The simple approach seemed to work for all the girls, even the more experienced finding they were learning a lot as their partners might not have always said much more than “Just get on and go for it” and if they had tried to help were not always teaching the best way. That is why we are here and it worked a treat again!

Thanks guys!

We couldn’t have had it better for venues to suit the weather conditions so a big thank you to Phil from Waiuku and Tony from Woodhill for the use of their great tracks, along with Danny’s support from Botany. Of course we can’t forget to thank Heather for her great clothing!

Botany Honda and BRC

Botany Honda and BRC

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