4 February 2020 / Broxy Coaching

Rotorua Sandwich

While Rotorua might not seem like the closest track to attract three riders from Nelson and two from Christchurch, it was all about the timing. This happened to be the week between Taranaki’s King of the Mountain event and the Woodville MXGP and I was fortunate enough that the South Island could come to me.

We’ll Sort ‘Em Out!

We started with tighter terrain in preparation for Levi McMaster’s attack at the 65cc crown. He has mad skills but seriously needed to open up the entry into his turns. I do wish we had done more work on intense braking in a straight line, but there were plenty of road markers laid on the ground to help him avoid the temptation to enter tight and limit his corner speed. .

I cracked down hard on the Nelson riders right from the start. They soon learned that we were not here to continue doing what they usually did or they would face the embarrassment of either;

  • pushups, or,
  • being kicked out of the class.

New and Old

The good results that we got out of them was something of a combination of two things; on the one hand it was doing some things different to what they had been taught in the past, such as getting their head slightly behind the handlebars while turning hard in the first part of a corner, and on the other hand, being forced to do things that they knew they should be doing but were not, like avoiding the habitual brake slide that was holding them back from true corner speed.

We finished with ruts, which was admittedly more than what Levi needed, but at the same time it was a real test of what they had learned about braking and turning. A rut is scary enough to show up just how well you have learned the things we had been working on, and while they had definitely improved in the flat corners and berms (which would serve them well for the weekend), the ruts showed that there was still work to be done. That is a good thing, because I really look forward to working with these guys again, maybe a little closer to home, but with even more intensity.

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