22 July 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Ripping Down to the Garden City

The momentum for Broxy Coaching in Christchurch just had a big boost. Thanks to the local club, the handful of riders we had booked were transformed into two days worth of training, with one place in particular proving to be pretty darn perfect.

Two Day Event

Two Day Event

Graeme, Ben and Sam were our reason for booking in this date, so it was fitting to have them first on the coaching list. Choosing to use the Waimakariri track for our weekday training proved to be a smart choice with few other riders around to distract us, as we went from rut track to whoops, and finally the flat weaving section where the trio could really stretch out their skills.

Acceptable Force

Local 450 rider Nick Jones was keen to sort out his riding, although it took a big stick to convince his body in the new style. Holding it at around head height, he was forced to stay low to the bike while jumping and certainly did help, although I would definitely like to see what another session would do for him in a few months time.

Friday was completed with a few more youngsters, numbers bolstered by those who just happened to be there that

Quick Kids

Quick Kids

day and had not known we were coming. As it turned out these riders had some potential, and I had a good time nurturing that speed. Little did I know that all of this was to be outclassed by our location the very next morning.

Big Gains

I had heard that the so-called club track was rocky and rough, but this was certainly not the case for us. Brady was my guinea pig, using his skills to scope out the potential that our freshly groomed track soon proved to have. Along with “Big Ben” they formed up some very nice ruts and proceeded to make it look like a lot of fun, which always makes the hard work of practicing new skills a little more enjoyable.

Every trip has its highlights and the one on two with Charlie and Josh was definitely that. Charlie’s dad was not keen to pressure his son into attacking the doubles and roller section that was obviously holding him up, but with our help he transformed into a jumping animal, with Josh also clearing a bunch of jumps that were new to him.



Super Skills

Suitably for my big trip to Christchurch the final group was full of skilled adult riders, with backgrounds ranging from high-end enduro to V8 Supercars. The new techniques met a little resistance as we found some habits hard to break, especially when the fear of embarrassment from falling in a rut was present.

Our jumping work clicked a bit better although I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get them into some more advanced bike control. It was all about managing energy levels, and before finishing with starts I did do some aggressive corner entry work on one particularly good looking turn, which was hopefully enough to give them a taste of the potential we can help give.

We will be back, and a huge thanks goes to Graeme and his family for opening their home to us and lending a van to get around in. Graeme’s desire to put something back into the sport in the Christchurch area is obvious and hopefully we can continue to be a part of that.

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