23 June 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Rivalries and Progress at Taupo

Shooting across to Taupo is no big deal for us, especially when it is generally known as a world-class facility. This calls for decent coaching, so there is no room for laziness.

Powershifting, cornerspeed and early power

Inside Line

The Inside Line

Being my third session with Cody Griffiths in little over a month, he was now ready to get off the small sections and get serious about riding the mini track fast.

His attention to detail is obvious, as his standing and powering have improved enough to move him a few spots up the racing ladder already. Today we worked on changing gears without backing off the throttle, along with entering turns wide to get the turn done earlier. The result was more speed into the turns as well as out, and I can’t wait to see how far up the ladder we can get him.

On the Stops

On the Stops

On the big track we found a new section for our Taupo friends to work on their jumping skills, along with full throttle power and then harder braking. After a break, the focus was on flat corner speed where they had a ball on the speedway-like circuit, before having some free time back on the jumps we started with.

Healthy Rivalries

New Man

New Man

Gerard is a new man on the turns now that he has changed to a CRF450R. His new goal is to be whipping over the Dam jump before I see him again, and after this session he has the tools he will need to make that dream become reality.

Jay is always keen to beat his mate, so look out for the inevitable benefits that rivalry will bring. Lisa and Jayne are in the same boat with each other, that challenge will come down to who nails leaning into flat turns the soonest, then turning their throttle the most.

These things are so profoundly in their simplicity, and I just love the challenge of equipping riders with the skills that will help them transform their challenges into victories.

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