9 May 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Sawdust/Sandy holes- Blenheim How To

There had to be an easier way through the traps that were throwing Toby forward.

Not lifting the front would load up the rear of his bike and fling him forward. Lifting it too much did the same thing, except worse. We needed something in between.

First I worked on his standing position while braking. Most teenagers struggle with this, simply because they don’t bend at the waist enough. Another problem is their knees coming forward while using the rear brake. Basically I had to get him stretching his pants and stretching his ankle to reach the rear brake.

His next problem was inconsistency in his wheelie. Basically the rear would slide more or less than planned while powering for the wheelie. I got him to make a tighter turn before the sawdust so he could straighten up for the wheelie. It worked, but a little too well.He began wheelying right over the hole and the following bump, which then threw him forward. I had a little play myself as a demonstration, then got him putting the front wheel down on the top of the bump.

After this, he was settled, so could then repeat the process for the next bump. We now had the consistency, so that he could finally get the standing sorted.My goal with this is movement, helping him work with every bump so that your body is not affected by them as much. Toby looked really good after enough work at bending with his whole body for every bump, rather than just using his legs like many people do.

This is just one skill of many that I taught in Blenheim that day. Hopefully I can return after winter for more.

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