29 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Second time charm at Pate

Dylan trying the four stroke

Dylan trying the four stroke

Sometimes mother nature can make plans better than we can. After a storm forced us to postpone Patetonga to the following week we found ourselves at a very decent venue with the later date making life easier for almost everybody, the exception being Mark who was forced into a busy morning to keep his girls (the dairy cows) happy.

The bonus being that Peter from Blue Wing Honda could join us for some of the session to get a better idea of what Broxy is actually up to. He got to see a rider borrow Broxy’s bike and hear the after effects of that, it doesn’t take much more than a chance to ride and good experience to sell these bikes. The next step will be to get more of the BWH crew to join us next time and keep Peter on board for the jumping!

The lads charged the supercross section, refining their cornering before moving on to the jumping proper. Mark found the cornering good for a refresher but discovering he had been squatting too early off the kicker jump was the biggest break through for him. Gareth also found the jumping to be his biggest bonus. Brett was different in that he was a great rider but tended to have his arms pump up too early so needed refinement on his technique in order to not have to grip the bars so hard any more, certainly an achievable goal if he gets the time off work to practice what he learned.

Finally it was two of the Paeroa College riders, led by Dylan on his new 125 machine that joined us, showing off their new scrub skills and getting a mean work out in the short sand section at the track there. Sitting forward and ready to get shoulders back for the nasty bit of a rut proved difficult but effective, a great way to wrap up a successful half day session at our unique terracotta track.

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